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The NEXT School is built upon a single premise; that young people do not have to wait until they graduate to make an impact. This way of thinking, our paradigm, believes that preparing young people for life is to prepare them for all options including college, vocational schools, and immediate workforce entry. 

We have shown through numerous partnerships with higher education that our students are prepared to be at the front of the line for college. 

That is to say, our students have options. They are prepared for life. They have a chance to be the CEO's of their own lives. 

The difference between a good educator and a great educator is that the former figures out how to work within the constraints of traditional policies and accepted assumptions, whereas the latter figures out how to change whatever gets in the way of doing right by kids. ‘But we’ve always...’, ‘But the parents will never...’, ‘But we can’t be the only school in the area to...’ - all such protestations are unpersuasive to great educators. If research and common sense argue for doing things differently, then the question isn’t whether to change course but how to make it happen.
— Alfie Kohn


When considering a new school, families and young people may have a lot of questions. We continue to work to answer your questions and keep you updated on this website, so please click around and see what we're about. If the question still lingers, then let us know (below). We are here to serve!

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